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Phase II.

Maximize your potential.

At Inizio Biotech, we understand that reaching this stage of development represents a crucial opportunity for your company, and we’re here to maximize the potential of your molecule.

We understand that managing the burn rate becomes increasingly important as the focus shifts to getting larger clinical trials up and running. Such concerns must be balanced alongside the need to generate interest in your product and to communicate why it could make a real difference to patients.

What we do.

Our experts can help you to take these decisions and provide support as you consider scaling up operations to move into late-stage trials. Our Advisory, Medical, MarComms, and Engagement services have the specific knowledge required to aid you in this process.

We can help you with clinical study design and execution to ensure your trials stay on track and to provide you with an effective scientific communication platform. Through a single point of contact, our experts are there to assist you.

Our expertise.

Our services aren’t prescriptive, we offer deep scientific and commercial expertise when appropriate and relevant, when you require it. To support you progress your asset, these are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Scientific communication platform
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) mapping and engagement
    • Including Digital Sphere of Influence (DOL)
  • Experience maps
    • Patient journey
    • Practice standards
    • Buying process
  • Value, pricing and access
    • Forecasts for investors
    • Access-focused value proposition
  • Evidence generation plan

It's time to reimagine health.

By connecting our depth and breadth of expertise, we ensure you have the right team, at the right time to achieve your end goal. Just imagine what we can achieve together.