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Optimize your Product Launch

Maximize the impact of your product and strengthen your portfolio potential with a sound and successful launch.

Launching products successfully

Launching a product, whether it’s your first to market or a new indication, is an exciting time – but it’s also incredibly complex. Successfully navigating a launch from pre-commercialization to regulatory approval relies on many moving parts and close collaboration between teams and different areas of the business.

Our connected capabilities and expertise enable us to simplify the product launch journey across multiple stages, helping you navigate the challenges, unlock new opportunities, and realize the full potential of your therapy in the marketplace – today and in the future.

How we help our clients

We are the launch partner of choice for Life Science and Pharma companies bringing new therapies to market and into the hands of patients. Through our connected solutions, we have the expertise to help you navigate many of these challenges, unlock new opportunities in the market, and realize the immense potential of your therapies.

We support our clients throughout their product launch journey:

  • Setting the foundation
  • Planning the launch
  • Managing the launch
  • Measuring the success of the launch

Setting the foundation for success

Evaluating everything from patient journeys to unmet therapeutic needs, we work closely with you to bring you the insights you need to set the foundation for product launch excellence.

We provide you with the market insights you need to deliver a robust go-to-market strategy, helping you clearly define the value of your product and produce a clear strategic direction and forecast for investment.

Planning your product launch

Identify the right customers for your product, strengthen your commercial, medical and sales teams, and find the best vendors and agencies as we support you at every stage of your product launch. Our dedicated experts help you craft compelling campaigns to reach your customers across all channels, and our measurement planning gives you clear, competitive intelligence to ensure your actions make an impact.

Vynamic: Build a robust launch framework by establishing governance, tactical planning, communication and collaboration

Research Partnership: Get the insights you need to better understand your customer and stakeholder journeys to ensure your launch plan is built on an expert understanding of unmet market needs.

Putnam: Develop a tailored value, pricing and access strategy that aligns your product launch plan with your overarching strategic goals.

Optimizing your rollout

From regulatory approval planning, to prioritizing asset deliverables, and even scenario planning to trial a test launch, our dedicated teams work with you to ensure a seamless rollout.

Measuring your success

Implement a robust, targeted performance measurement strategy to track the success of your product launch. With the support of our expert teams, we help you identify and deploy KPI tracking, channel mix modeling, and run bespoke surveys to provide you with the key insights you need to assess, grow and adapt for future launches.

  • KPI tracking
  • Channel mix modeling
  • Run bespoke post-mortem surveys

Our impact.

Our Vynamic business has the experience and collective knowledge to support successful product launches for large and small pharma companies acround the world.

375+ product launch engagements since 2016

31 launch clients served across Vynamic

40+ new to market products launched with our support

50+ therapy areas supported

17 areas of rare disease supported

100+ Vynamic team members led/supported a launch