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Inizio MarComms is represented by Evoke, a global brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built to make health more human™.

Unlock your full potential

Health more human™

Powered by amazing people working together in practice areas and specialty agencies, we unlock the potential of our people, our clients, and the communities we all serve.


Our practice areas

We are purpose-built, seamlessly bringing our talent and technology together for you. Our industry-led experts around the globe focus on practice areas, allowing your team to grow, flex, and adapt as your needs do.

  • Creative
  • Communications
  • Policy & Access
  • Experience
  • Data science
  • MarTech
  • Media
  • Delivery

Our speciality agencies.

Our specialty agencies bring decades-long expertise together with relentless drive to make health more human™.

A home to the best talent and leaders in the industry.

Reid Connolly

Global President, Inizio MarComms
CEO, Evoke

Heather Torak

Chief Operating Officer, Evoke

Eric Daly

Chief Growth Officer, Evoke

Rosanne Johnson

President, Evoke MicroMass

Lauren Wetmore

President, Evoke Create

Maureen Byrne

President, Evoke Kyne

Dominic Elliston

Managing Director, Evoke Galliard and Evoke Incisive Health

Carin Canale-Theakston

CEO, Evoke Canale

Ben Beckley

President, Evoke Mind+Matter

John Shamsey

President, Evoke Navience

Justin Grossman

CEO, Evoke Melt

Steve Minichini

President, Media Evoke

Karsten Risch

Chief Medical Officer

Will Reese

Chief Innovation Officer, Evoke

James Tsuyuki

Chief Technology Officer

Jamie Avallone

Chief Data Officer, Evoke

Karla Anderson

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Evoke

Jonathan Robbins

Managing Director, Talent Acquisition, Evoke

Maryellen Royle

Group CEO, Communications

Deanna Smith

VP, People & Culture, Evoke

Phil Stein

Global Finance Director, Evoke

Simon Hackett

Global Marketing & Communications Director, Evoke

Purpose-built to solve life's greatest health challenges.

We have a clear vision to build careers, brands, and organizations, unlocking the potential of today and shaping tomorrow to be better for the patients we serve.