Welcome to allegro.

allegro. is an award-winning, accelerated learning and development model that shapes talented, dynamic scientific staff at Inizio Medical. Through allegro., we provide dedicated training and mentoring for medical writing and client services staff, from entry-level to senior positions across the business.

allegro. is part of Inizio Medical, so through joining allegro., you also join Inizio Medical, a group of world-leading med comms agencies. You will work with experts in our dynamic teams to create compelling content and engage with communities across the spectrum of healthcare.

Watch the video below to find out more about what we do at Inizio Medical and how allegro. can help build your perfect career.

Why med comms?

Do you love science but don’t find lab work engaging? Are you a first-class communicator who is passionate about improving the lives of patients through innovative scientific communications? Do you want a challenging yet rewarding career working on cutting-edge science at the forefront of the healthcare industry? Then med comms could be perfect for you!

How can I get into med comms?

What better way to start your career in med comms than with a personalised training programme, delivered by a dedicated training team! The allegro. model is centred around accelerated learning and development – our programmes offer you the opportunity to kick-start your med comms career with the highest-quality training, ensuring that you have the skills you need to develop in your role.

Meet the team.

From our specialist recruitment team, through to our expert trainers and coordinators, we have over 90 years of real-life med comms experience and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible start to your med comms journey.


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