allegro. What is med comms?

What is med comms?

Med comms is a vast industry with a variety of roles. Med comms companies partner with clients and healthcare professionals to communicate medical information to a huge variety of audiences, such as healthcare professionals, patients and carers.

What we do.

We work on cutting-edge science across all therapy areas from drug development through to clinical trials and post-approval.

Our aim is to communicate the latest medical information in a compelling way that engages our target audiences, whether that’s through an abstract or manuscript, an oral presentation, a scientific meeting or an educational workshop.

About us.

We engage with a variety of people, including healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical clients and patient groups, in order to advance scientific understanding, provide innovative solutions for our clients and deliver life-changing results for patients. In a typical year, we deliver:

550+ Strategic management projects

1000+ Satellite, standalone, investigator, or training meetings

4500+ Publications

700+ Electronic/digital projects

155 Events

70 Exhibitions

500+ Advisory boards

940+ Slide presentations

Our team include Medical and Scientific Services Staff, and Client Services Staff. Together, we achieve outcomes that matter.

Medical Writer focus areas

Developing an in-depth understanding of the account therapy area
Delivering high-quality, accurate and engaging communication materials
Evolving into a first-class communicator across all aspects of the role
Proactively managing projects from concept to completion

Client Services focus areas

Supporting clients in shaping the future of medical research
Coordinating internal services to deliver excellent service for our clients
Financially managing projects to ensure cost-effective outcomes
Facilitating individual, team and business development

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